Fixed Interest Rate Loan

Mortgage Rates Today Bankrate Jumbo mortgage rates are also down week over week and should continue to move lower in the coming weeks. 30 year jumbo mortgage rates today are averaging 4.36 percent, down from an average 30 year jumbo rate of 4.42 percent. Today’s mortgage rates on 15 year jumbo loans are averaging 4.09 percent, down from 4.16 percent last week.

The average 30-year fixed mortgage rate is 3.97%, up 4 basis points from 3.93% a week ago. 15-year fixed mortgage rates increased 2 basis points to 3.31% from 3.29% a week ago.

Mortgage Insurance Rate Finder Best Interest Rates Home Loan Finding the best mortgage rates for a home purchase or refinance is one of. Just as a quick example, let’s say you’re borrowing $100,000 to buy a home. If you pay 3.92% interest on a 30-year loan,